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A Journey of Self Discovery

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill profoundly influenced my work, compelling me to create An American Immersion. After completing such an endeavor, the ever present question is what’s next? Its answer evolves with every new adventure. I just returned from Indonesia, and before I could complete my articles, I embarked on discovery in St. Croix.

I learned in Raja Ampat that even though I am well traveled, discovery is not always found in the location. It is also found in oneself. Working as a photography professional is challenging not only in acquiring assignments, which won’t come without demonstrating experience with the work, but also in knowing the locations and personal limits. Two weeks with three to four dives a day pushed my physical limits and the dive conditions tested my limits more.

Raja Ampat is expected to be an idyllic dive destination. It is also a wild place ruled by the seas. While the surge was calm enough, current and visibility clouded my view of the reef. I was compelled to create macro images instead of my more usual wide angle view. This also helped me take a closer look at the wildlife around me. I spent enough time with Papua Diving to also learn and appreciate everyone there. I hope I left with more friends and an appreciation of a close look at the diversity in Raja Ampat. These experiences inform how I develop my next projects, a greeting card line, and a way to help others enjoy my travels in a more interactive format.

Here are a few images of the larger life I enjoyed in Papua and of the landscape at Papua Diving.

idolJennifer rajaAmpat 2
idolJennifer rajaAmpat 3
idolJennifer rajaAmpat 4 1
idolJennifer rajaAmpat 5 1
idolJennifer rajaAmpat
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