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UHMS Guidelines for Hyperbaric Facility Operations, 2nd Editionuhms operations

This edition of the guidelines is a collection of recommendations gathered from a group of experts in the field. It is the sincere hope of the UHMS that this guide will serve practitioners as a ready reference to ensure competency, quality of care, and safety in the practice of hyperbaric medicine.

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WCHM Fall 2015 cover v2

WCHM Magazine Volume 6 Issue 3

Highlights in this Issue:

  • DIVE MEDICINE: Stresses in Scuba and Breath-Hold Diving: Part VI: Predive and Surface Problems of Divers
  • HYPERBARIC MEDICINE: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Stroke Patients
  • WOUND CARE:Wound Geography and Tissue Types: Part 1
  • WOUND CARE:Experiences with Gentian Violet as a Wound Dressing Agent 
  • CME:Which is more effective? Classroom or Online CME Courses
  • SAFETY: Development of a Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center