John S. Peters, FACHE

John PetersPresident and majority shareholder of WCHMedia Group, encompassing Best Publishing Company and Wound Care Education Partners.

Currently, John is 100% focused on his duties and responsiblities with the UHMS. To learn about the UHMS please visit

Jaclyn Mackey

Jaclyn wVice President Best Publishing Company; Operations Director, Wound Care Education Partners

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Jaclyn came to us from Divers Alert Network (DAN), after having served as Executive Assistant to the CEO and COO, Coordinator of Nonprofit Services, and Events Marketing Specialist. Jaclyn started with us as the marketing director in 2013. Her background is in marketing and outreach, program development/program management, administration, and counseling.

Jaclyn handles marketing, communications, content creation, product development, shows/event management, administrative direction and oversight for the organization.

An avid diver, outdoor enthusiast, and student pilot, Jaclyn also enjoys spending time with family and her three dogs.

Lorraine Fico-White

Lorraine Fico White Profile PhotoManaging Editor

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Lorraine Fico-White is a professional editor who has helped many authors publish quality products. She has edited a wide variety of work, including nonfiction, fiction, biographies, newsletters, magazine articles, and marketing material. Her experience in the publishing industry enables Lorraine to work in tandem with authors through all phases of a book’s production – from initial submission until publication. In addition to content and copyediting, she is responsible for the coordination, organization, and scheduling of all publication tasks, and provides ongoing support, assistance, and guidance to authors.  
Lorraine’s passion for the written word carries over to her personal life. She enjoys reading, belongs to several book clubs, and is a board member of the Charlotte Writers’ Club.

Stephanie Dobson, COTA/L

Stephanie is a certified and licensed occupational therapist assistant. She is a 2018 graduate of South University and resides in Florida with her seven-year-old daughter. Stephanie started with us in 2019 with her background in customer service and administration.

Stephanie is the head of our customer support team, and manages our warehouse, shipping, and order fulfillment.

Stephanie's passion is helping others. She provides customer support with promptness and caring that is rare in today's marketplace.

In her personal time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Eric vanBok

Eric vanBokDirector of Web Development and Technical Support

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Eric vanBok has been in the IT industry for over 30 years and has worked for small companies, startups, and large corporations. He’s done government and military contract work, user interface development, worked in the speech recognition field, and has worked as a hands-on manager in the IT department for a large publishing company. Since 2005 he has focused on designing and building websites of all kinds. Some of those websites still receive millions of visits a year.

An avid musical enthusiast, Eric is also a percussionist, a teacher of West African music, and studies guitar. In his spare time, he enjoys building and repairing drums, specializing in the West African djembe and dunun, as well as working on guitars.

Ryan Patrylak, CHT

Ryan Patrylack 2 w"Road Warrior" for Best Publishing Company

Ryan Patrylack BPCRyan staffing the BPC Booth at Beneath the Sea Dive ShowMany of you who dive in the NE United States have probably met Ryan at least once. Ryan has immersed himself in the dive industry since his college days. In 2009 Ryan was selected as a Research Intern for Divers Alert Network (DAN) and the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society and served in Scapa Flow, Scotland (if you're wondering, it is not warm water diving up there!).

Currently Ryan serves as a certified hyperbaric technician for Life Support Technologies Group. He also leads one of the biggest dive clubs in the Northeast US.

We are thrilled to have Ryan join the Best team this year as our "Road Warrior". You will see him at dive shows and medical meetings staffing the booth and serving customers. Ryan has read nearly all of Best Publishing Company's books, and is passionate about many of the titles. He is always happy to answer questions and can point you in the right direction of a title that will serve you best.