Coming 2020! Hyperbaric Facility Safety: A Practical Guide, Second Edition


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Wilbur T. Workman and J. Steven Wood
Coming 2020

Coming in 2020

The first edition of Hyperbaric Facility Safety, A Practical  Guide is an integral part of virtually every hyperbaric facility’s reference library, serving as the go-to standard for a hyperbaric safety program. 

In this second edition, editors W.T. “Tom” Workman and J. Steven “Steve” Wood have endeavored to establish a comprehensive  balance between those hyperbaric providers who have a keen interest in the underlying design standards and regulatory framework and those who need to “get it done.” 

The second edition is structured into two focus areas: Section 1 explains the various regulatory agencies that may influence the field of hyperbaric medicine (including international perspectives), while Section 2 emphasizes a nuts-and-bolts approach to hyperbaric safety program development and how the safety program integrates all aspects of a hyperbaric facility. 

The editors, along with the 80 chapter authors and contributors bring experiences from clinical hyperbaric medicine, the U.S. Air Force and Navy, the UHMS Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation program, hyperbaric chamber engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory/standards development. 

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