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Spending Time with Mary Higgins Clark


Recently Alese Pechter, author of Skyward Bound attended the BookExpo in New York City, NY. BookExpo is the largest trade book show in the USA. She was promoting her recently released children's book, Skyward BoundWhile at the show, Alese had the good fortune of meeting and spending time with world famous author Mary Higgins Clark who was also at the show promoting her new book. 

Alese and Skyward Bound were listed in all of the BookExpo catalogues, online on many different sites for the event, at the Author Table, and others.

It was an exciting time for Alese and Skyward Bound. Those receiving books at the show were all professionals, such as librarians, schools, and book store owners.

Photo Captions: Cover Photo, Mary Higgins Clark (left), Alese Pechter (right); below, Alese Pechter at her book display during BookExpo 2017 in New York City, NY USA; further below Alese Pechter (left), Mary Higgins Clark (right)

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