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Do you know the significant legal risks that you face every day as a medical practitioner? Have you ever considered how you may be able to minimize those medical-legal risks?

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  • The Fundamentals of Medical-Legal Fitness
  • The Real Reason Why Patients Seek Plaintiff's Attorneys
  • Documentation: The Unexpected Ways That Your Medical Legal Adversaries Use Your Documentation

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The free training workshop is backed by author Kevin Yankowsky's 20+ years of medical-legal defense experience. He covers the most important topics that you need to understand about mitigating your risk while providing compassionate, appropriate medical care to your patients.

If you spend hours, or even days, agonizing over each and every tiny medical risk that your patients face, trying to properly identify, evaluate, and handle those risks in a prospective fashion, while spending almost no time thinking about your own practice, trying to identify and manage the medical-legal risks that you face as a practitioner - this free video training is for you!

The 3-part video training workshop will help you get a jump start on taking control of your medical-legal risks right now.

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