Cold Water Diving, 2nd Edition

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John N. Heine
2nd Edition
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About the Book

Cold water and ice diving can be extremely challenging and require planning, preparation, training, and safety. This book by John Heine, a scientific diving safety officer and an experienced ice diver for more than 25 years, has detailed the requirements for safe and comfortable ice diving.

This book covers cold water and ice-diving environments; training; equipment; thermal protection; evaluating, preparing, and planning dives; and safety and emergency procedures.

About the Author

John Heine, past President of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, accomplished writer and photographer has served as a member of the Diving Control Board for the National Science Foundation, Officer of Polar Programs. His diving has taken him to many areas of the world, including both poles and tropical areas in between. A certified instructor in ice diving, he has conducted many scientific and sport dives under the ice. He spent three seasons in the Antarctic doing research dives through ice that was ten feet thick, in water temperatures of 28.6ºF, and air temperatures as low as -60ºF.

This second edition is an excellent book for those who dive or plan to dive in a cold environment.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Diving

  • Cold Water Diving
  • History of Ice Diving
  • Cold Water and Ice Diving Equipment

Equipment for Ice Diving

  • Thermal Protection for Divers
  • Cylinders and Valve Configurations
  • Regulators

Safety and Emergency Procedures

  • Environment Hazards
  • Emergency Procedures


  • Classroom Curriculum
  • Confined Water Training
  • Dry Suit Training
  • Ice Diving "Open Water" Training

Ice Diving Operations

  • Evaluating Ice Conditions
  • Preparing the Site
  • Dive Planning and Personnel
  • Diving at Altitude
  • Suiting Up
  • The Dive

Book Reviews

"Bought this book as an additional source of info prior to doing my PADI Ice Diving Course. I've found instructors teach what they know which isn't always what is safest so I wanted to make sure when I made decisions they were informed ones. This book helped me ask some questions regarding my own safety I would never have thought about had I not read it. Anyone considering taking an Ice Diving course should buy this book and read it prior to taking the course. Remember signals are different depending who your instructor is but as long as everyone is using the same ones it's OK. This book is definitely worth the money."
- B. Campbell
"[I was] interested in Ice Diving and don't want to spend a lot of money getting a Padi book, this is a good alternative. Written in good format. Detailed w/ pictures."
- Buzz
"When I found out that my PADI Ice Diving Specialty Course did not provide any reference material, I decided to search the web for a book on ice diving. After an exhausted search, I came across this book and bought it. Being well informed before taking a course gives you a definite edge and the confidence to be able to ask intelligent questions about the material being taught. This book gives you that edge as well as the desirable knowledge every diver wants when he or she begins a new diving activity. The book is filled with great color photos and illustrations, and is packed with first-rate information. Anyone taking an Ice Diving Course should read this book. For the price, it's worth the money. Plus, it's nice to have a good reference book to refer to at a later date."
-J. Hunter "Northeast Diver"
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