What is a FISH? (Children's Book)

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Best Publishing Company
March 2014
Photography by: Peter Allinson, Andrew Malbin, and Elmer Yu

Dive into Learning!

About the Book 

What makes a fish a fish? Is it because it lives in the water? Is it because it has fins? Is it because it has scales? What is the biggest fish? Is a shark a fish? How is a whale different from a fish? Join BPC KidsTM to discover some interesting facts about fishes and see if you can answer the question: What is a fish?

This book is geared for Reading Level 2: For intermediate readers, with more complex words, sentences, and subjects.

About BPC KidsTM

Give Learning and Fun to Your Little Ocean Explorer!

Are your kids curious for adventure? BPC KidsTM explores the exciting, unusual, and beautiful underwater world! There is so much to explore - dive into learning with BPC KidsTM!

Brought to you by the trusted experts in underwater education. BPC KidsTM is a new marine life education series for children, published by Best Publishing Company. BPC has fostered divers’ and enthusiasts’ love of the underwater world since 1966, and it is our honor to help you nuture that same life-long passion in your children.

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