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Taking America by Storm - An American Immersion

Author Jennifer Idol of An American Immersion is literally taking the U.S. by storm. An adventurer, entrepreneur, diver, author, american immersion softcoverfront croppedphotographer, and graphic designer, this multi-talented woman's message of environmental conservation is spreading across the country. 


Most recently, Jennifer returned as a featured speaker at World Domination Summit (an entrepreneurial summit whose core values are community, service, and adventure), to share insight from completing her quest to help us see how our underwater world is a treasure we should care for and protect. In her quest, she became the first woman to dive all 50 states and designed a book that includes 561 of her images from the journey. She shared her three tools that were useful in helping her transform her passion into a career founded on helping the world around us.

Get your copy of Jennifer's book, An American Immersion today! 

Photos of Jennifer Idol while speaking at World Domination Summit 2016.

Jennifer Idol Photo WDS 2016 1

Jennifer Idol Photo WDS 2016 2

Jennifer Idol Photo WDS 2016 3 



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