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Exciting news coming from Richie Kohler. . .

A quick note to give you a heads up that some exciting news is coming from author and explorer Richie Kohler. 

Richie has been traveling back and forth to Malta, among his other global appearances. 

Currently, he is preparing for the global launch of his book which coinsides with a film premiere, more details will be released soon. 

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Mystery of the Last Olympian: Titanic's Tragic Sister Britannic

by Richie Kohler with Charlie Hudson

For 100 years the mystery surrounding the sinking of Titanic's tragic sister, Britannic was a riddle waiting to be solved. This book gives

you a firsthand account as Richie Kohler takes readers on the intriguing journey from the rise of the magnificent Olympians to the fateful day in 1916.

He then moves forward in time through multiple expeditions beginning with the great Jacques Cousteau who located the ocean liner in 1975. Each successive team that risked their lives uncovered new clues, but it was not until 2009 when Richie and his dive partner definitively pinpointed the secret that had eluded them.

Join Richie Kohler, host of the History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives and featured in the bestselling book Shadow Divers as he solves the Mystery of the Last Olympian.

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