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[New Article] Lobster and Lionfish . . .

Today marks the start of the annual two-day sport spiny lobsterLionfishbyDanOrr w season in Florida, known as "mini-season", and it got us thinking (about more than just dinner) . . .

This year the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is allowing divers who harvest 10 or more lionfish per day to harvest one additional spiny lobster during the mini-season. Why? The FWC states that, "Lionfish are invasive species that have a potential negative impact on Florida’s native wildlife and habitat. With no predators or other mechanisms such as disease or parasites keeping the lionfish population under control in Florida at this time, harvest by divers is the primary means of lionfish removal

So whether you're participating in lionfish harvesting during mini-season, or as part of another dive, the following offers a few tips to avoid and treat injury.

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NWCHM V6 I2 coverew In Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Care

[New Issue] WCHM Magazine V6 I2

Highlights in this Issue:

  • Wound Care: FOXO1 Catcher: An Interview with Dr. Dana Graves on the Role of FOXO1 in Diabetic Patients
    • And listen to the bonus podcast version of the interview!
  • Billing and Coding: ICD-10-CM Wound Care Review Part 1: Bolstering Your Documentation for the Four Most Common Wound Diagnoses in the Clinical Setting by Gretchen Dixon, MBA, CCS, CPCO
  • Wound Care: Keep Things Simple and. . . Speedy: A Dozen Paradigms About Toe Tenotomies by Michael B. Strauss, MD and Steven La, DPM
  • And much more...!

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