eBook FAQs

When I get another device (ie, new phone or tablet) will I no longer have access to my ebook?

You will still have access to your ebook if you get a new device. Juat download the ebook to the new device.

What’s an eBook anyway?

The term eBook stands for electronic book. It’s really just a book in digital form and can be read on electronic book reading devices, as well as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.

They come in many formats, but the most accessible ones are the industry standard ePUB and PDF.

All of our eBooks are in the ePUB format.

Oh, you mean like the stuff people read on Kindles, iPads, and such?


So, do I need one of those special devices to read your eBooks?

Not necessarily. You can read our eBooks on your laptop or desktop computers. You can also read a eBook on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. You can read it, too, on any Android device.

Our eBooks are limited to only one device.  Please ensure you download the eBook to the device you want to read it on.

But this is my first time to read an eBook. What do I do so I can actually read it?

Well, as a first timer, you’ll have to do three things:

  1. You have to sign up for an Adobe ID
  2. You have to download and install the eBook reading software for your device.
  3. Finally, you’ll have to authorize your Adobe ID on your new eBook reading software.

That sounds complex.

Not really. It’s a one-time thing and after that, you get to download all the eBooks that you want.

So, why do I sign up for an Adobe ID?

Best Publishing takes care to secure our eBooks through Digital Rights Management (DRM). The DRM that we use is powered by Adobe Content Server. So, you’ll need to have an Adobe ID to read a Best Publishing eBook.

And how do I sign up for an Adobe ID?

Very easily. Just go to this Adobe website and click on the “ Get an Adobe ID” link.

Now, which eBook reading software will I need?

We recomend using Adobe Digital Editions, which is free from Adobe.

160x41 Get Adobe Digital Editions
Click here to download it now.

Hey, wait a minute. Does this mean that I have to spend extra just to get these readers?

Not at all. All these readers are FREE.

By the way, once you’ve downloaded the reader application, don’t forget to authorize your Adobe ID on it.

How do I authorize my Adobe ID on the reader?

For Adobe Digital Editions (ADE):

  • When you launch ADE for the first time, you’ll be prompted to authorize it. To do so, enter your Adobe ID and password.
  • If you’ve had ADE for a while, click on the drop-down menu beside library, and select “Authorize” to begin the authorization process.

Out of curiosity, can’t I read Best Publishing eBooks on my Kindle or iBooks app?

Unfortunately, Apple iBooks and the Amazon Kindle have their own DRM so Best Publishing eBooks will not work with Apple iBooks nor with the Kindle apps. However, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire runs the Android operating system, so you will be able to download the Bluefire reader and read Best Publishing eBooks on it.

Ok, so I’ve authorized my Adobe ID on the eBook reader app on my device. How do I get a Best Publishing eBook now?

Well, now that you’re all set up, just go to the eBooks section of our website, find the eBooks you want, and click “Add to cart”. When you’re done filling up your cart, you can “Proceed to checkout”, and pay for your purchases.  When done, just got to the eBook Downloads in the My Account menu.

How will I pay for my eBook?

Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

When do I get my eBook?

As soon as you complete your order, proceed to My eBook Downloads section of the website.  Once there find the eBook you purchased and click the "Click here to download" link to download the eBook to your chosen device.

I cannot download my purchase! What shall I do?

If there’s a problem, feel free to contact us and we will help you.