Holiday Gift Sale for Divers and a Reward for You!

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We have put together our "Best" selection of gift ideas for the dive enthusiast on your list. Save up to 40% on gift sets. Place your order by December 16th to ensure delivery in time for the holidays.

 Reward for You: Earn $10 BPC credit for every $50 you spend! Offer runs now through December 16th.


The BEST Gifts

"Dive Like a Pro" Gift Set
  "Prepared Diver" Gift Set   "Closed Circuit" Gift Set 
Dive-Like-A-Pro-Set        Safer-Diver-Package    Closed-Circuit

No matter how much you know about diving, it seems there's always more to learn; a skill, technique or procedure that can be improved. Knowledge and preparedness is key to diving like a pro!

Gift set includes: Dive Like a Pro, NOAA Diving Manual 5th Edition digital version (choose from eBook or PDF on USB Flashdrive), two NOAA Dive Tables

Retail Value: $73.89 

ON SALE: $51.72


From fitness to dive, to beating the bends and treating marine life injuries, this set will help your favorite diver be a safer diver in the New Year.

Gift set includes: Assessment of Diving Medical Fitness for Scuba Divers and Instructors, Beating the Bends, A Medical Guide to Hazardous Marine Life, and On-Site Management for Scuba Diving and Boating Emergencies.

Retail Value $112.77 

ON SALE: $78.94

  The amount of learning needed to prepare for technical or rebreather diving is seemingly endless. Get "in the know" with this gift set.

Gift set includes: Mastering Rebreathers, 2nd Edition (softcover), Basic Diving Physics and Applications, NOAA Diving Manual 5th Edition digital version (choose either eBook or USB) Access to the online course "The Physics and Physiology of Diving and Dive Medicine."

Retail Value: $135.53

ON SALE: $94.87

 "Women and Diving" Gift Set
  "Commercial Divers" Set

 "Safety in Service" Public Safety Diver Set

 Women-and-Diving   Commercial-Divers-Set   Safety-In-Service-Set

A gift set for the lady diver! This book celebrates women's progress in pressure environments, including diving and altitude. Content ranges from the history of women divers, combat pilots and astronauts to the unique physiological characteristics of females working and playing in altered barometric pressure environments.

Gift set includes: Women and Pressure, and A Medical Guide to Hazardous Marine Life

Retail Value: $79.10 

ON SALE: $55.37


Commercial diving is one of the most dangerous jobs there is. This package set is hard packed with vital information for commercial dive planning, operations and procedures. Items in this set will become the commercial diver's new best friend.

Includes: The Commercial Diver's Handbook (softcover) and digital book (choose either eBook or book on USB), US Navy Diving Manual on CD, and access to the online course "Commercial Diving Accident Management" taught by Keith Van Meter, MD.

Retail Value: $112 

ON SALE: $79.99


Public safety divers risk their own safety for the benefit of others. Be it search and rescue or recovery, this package set offers practical and applicable knowledge on technique, procedure and safety for the public safety diver.

Includes: Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations Second Edition, Underwater Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement, two NOAA Dive Tables

Retail Value: $109.60

ON SALE: $76.72



"Snorkeling Fun"   "Salty Sea Tales" Gift Collection  
Simple-Guide-to-Snorkeling-Fun   Salty-Sea-Tales    

Do you know a child, friend, or significant other who could benefit from gaining confidence and skills in and under the water? This recently released book is the perfect gift for those who want to experience the thrill and excitement of the marine world, but aren't yet ready for scuba diving.



Most everyone loves hearing sea stories. This collection offers you the very saltiest of tales!

Gift set includes: In the Wake of Galleons, Solid Brass, Unexpected Odyssey, Beneath the Sea, Zero Visibility

Retail Value: $113.30 

ON SALE: $67.98


BPC Gift Cards


Not sure which books to pick for your diver? Let him/her choose their own BPC titles!

Gift cards are now available in $25, $50, $75 or $100 amounts.

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