Commercial Diving Accident Management

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Commercial Diving Accident Management

A key to smooth dive operations is accident prevention and safety. Should a problem arise, preparedness with the necessary tools and well thought out contigency plans are required to offer appropriate assistance and limit injury. The capability to recognize that a problem exists and the ability to identify the type of problem and its cause will allow for proper treatment and action. 

Learn how to prevent, identify and manage dive accidents with these specially selected resources.

The Commercial Diver's Handbook

"The Commercial Diver's Handbook is a great resource for the working diver. Hard packed Commercial Divers Handbook.coverwith vital information for dive planning and essential for continuing review to keep supervisors sharp. Reviewing the content it is evident of the authors experience and knowledge within this industry recognizing the lack of such a publication.

The Commercial Diver's Handbook will provide the diver with tools to make good decisions. [It is] small enough to have on-hand, on-site, and while in transit for review and planning purposes. The worth of a handbook can only be judged by how usable and necessary the information contained within. I could see this Handbook as the diver's new best friend. I can only say [that Hal, the author, has] done an outstanding job pushing to compile such an important book for the dive side." -Charles Trombley, CPO1, RCN



NOAA Diving Manual, 5th Edition

Many chapters of the NOAA Diving Manual, 5th Edition deal with issues of diving accidents and their management.

  • Diver Location and Recovery (Chapter 17)
  • Diving Accident Management and Emergency Procedures (Chapter 18)
  • Emergency Medical Care (Chapter 19)
  • Hyperbaric Chambers and Support Equipment (Chapter 20)
  • Field Neurological Assessment (Appendix B)
  • Recognition of Diving Maladies (Appenxid G)
  • And much, much more!

The robust content in this diving manual will prove useful to all divers, everywhere, including: commercial divers, recreational, public safety, scientific, and technical divers.




Other Books of Interest

On-Site-Management-of-Scuba-Diving-and-Boating-Emergencies   Beating-the-Bends   ColdWaterDiving

On-Site Management of Scuba Diving and Boating Emergencies

This book was specifically written to include most, if not all, commonly encountered emergencies a diver may be faced with, and how to deal with them.



Beating the Bends: The Diver's Guide to Avoiding Decompression Sickness

This book includes a section on dealing with decompression sickness that includes first aid measures, oxygen administration, neurological assessment and a reference list of Diving Accident First Aid Procedures.



Cold Water Diving: A Guide to Ice Diving

A comprehensive guide on the planning, preparation, and training for cold water diving. Includes a chapter on safety and emergency procedures.




Buy any of this week's featured titles and get access to the online course "Mechanisms and Management of Dive Accidents", taught by Dr. Nick Bird for FREE!


Online Education

 "Mechanisms and Management of Dive Accidents"

This 15 minute video lecture, taught by Dr. Nick Bird, MD, MMM and previous Chief  Oxygen-AdministrationMedical Officer for Divers Alert Network, covers the most common triggers of diving fatalities and discusses the annual average diving-associated fatality incidence in the US and Canada.

A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

Find More Details About the Online Course...

Buy any of this week's featured titles and get access to the online course for FREE!


Continuing Diver Education


Introductory through Advanced Diving & Clinical Hyperbarics Medical Training

 Courses taught by Hyperbarics International

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  • February 10-14, 2014

Physicians 40 AMA CME's, all other allied medical 40 CEU's. Program is conducted monthly for physicians, DMT's; CHT's and all others may apply.

Course Location: Key Largo, Florida

Program Director: Dick Rutkowski


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