Field Report 6: Updates from Best Authors in the Field

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Best authors are always on the move.

Here are their updates from the field, bringing you the latest from the world of diving . . .


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Do Nudibranchs Have a Front and Back?

In this week's field report Jennifer Idol, author of An American Immersion shares new persepctives from her time in Raja Ampat.

See the gorgeous photos and discover if nudibranchs have a front and back . . .

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Surface Rescue Techniques

"The most important thing you can do in any emergency is to make sure you understand the situation before taking action. There is nothing worse than reacting without thinking first." 

This week Dan Orr teaches us how assess to properly identify a problem and assess the situation during a dive emergency. 

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diver on ice edge

The Two Ways to Enter An Ice Dive

While it is approaching summer here in the northern hemisphere, down in Antarctica it is close to winter, where temperatures plummet to -50 degrees and darkness prevails for months.

This week author John Heine defines the 2 ways to enter an ice dive. 

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The Choice of Life or Death

Surveys in the United States say that 15% of the population claim they have had an NDE. In Germany it is 4%, Australia 8.9%, and the Netherlands 18% (Netherlands focus was on cardiac arrests).

Some who experience near death experiences report that they were given the choice of life or death. Some survivors say they were “bitterly disappointed” when, after choosing not to return to life, did so anyway. David Scalia, principal in the book, The Choice: A story of survival, was also given the choice of life or death . . .

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