Field Report 5: Updates from Best Authors in the Field

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Best authors are always on the move.

Here are their updates from the field, bringing you the latest from the world of diving . . .



Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a special place. Jennifer Idol, author of An American Immersion is traveling this week to share her experiences exploring the cradle of our oceans.

Jennifer shared, "I used to dream of a place where lush mountain and oceans met. It would seem I was dreaming of Indonesia.

As usual, Jennifer's weekly field report is not to be missed! 

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Deep sea salvage 

The Origins of Saturation Diving

Curious to explore the undersea world, Alexander the Great used a glass diving bell to submerge himself below the surface. The fish, it is said, “crowded around him in homage.”

Learn more about the fascinating origins of saturation diving in this week's article by Monte Anderson, author of The Choice

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IMG 2470

Under the Ice in Antarctica

Author John Heine shares how NSF Polar Programs Diving Safety Officer prepares for a dive on the Poseidon Se7en rebreather under the ice in Antarctica.

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Why Harry Hawksbill is My Hero

The average sea turtle nest contains about 100 eggs, most of which will hatch. But the odds of a hatchling making it to adult hood are one in a thousand. After hatching, they face a perilous journey to the sea.

In this week's article Paul shares, "Last year in Cozumel, Mexico, I was fortunate to see a turtle nest hatch, under the auspices of the local sea turtle conservation society, Ecologia Cozumel. I videoed his journey toward the sea, and watched him navigate beach debris, human footprints, and finally battle the waves, getting thrown back again and again. Would he make it?"

Watch the video in Paul's blog article this week . . .

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Author Dan Orr
Does Scuba Diving Have a Retirement Age? 

When taking stock of our physical abilities and capabilities as we age there are absolutes that divers should be familiar with. Author Dan Orr explains in this week's article. 

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