Field Report 4: Updates from Best Authors in the Field

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Best authors are always on the move.

Here are their updates from the field, bringing you the latest from the world of diving . . .


idolJennifer best

Behind the Publishing Process

Author Jennifer Idol has taken the dive industry by storm since last year (2016) when she published her first book, An American Immersion.

In this week's article, Jennifer shares a few insights on how to get your first book published (and a few photos from her dive near the Best Publishing Company HQ). . .

As usual, Jennifer's weekly field report is not to be missed! 

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130HEIN R1 E008 copy 

Working in a Blue Water Environment

Scientific divers often work in remote areas and sometimes far offshore. In this week's field report from John Heine, author of Scientific Diving Techniques, we get a glimpse into the world of research divers from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories as they install light calibration sensors on a large optical buoy located 10 miles off the island of Lanai.

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PICT0555 2

Selecting the Characters for Harry Hawksbill Helps His Friends

Author Paul Mila wrote Harry Hawksbill Helps His Friends to impart both a social message for young children and also to teach them about sea life.

In this week's article, Paul shares, "As a diver, author, and underwater photographer, showing children the beauty under the sea and the creatures who inhabit the ocean was the easy part. The photos speak for themselves. Teaching a social message of acceptance and inclusion in an entertaining way was the challenge."

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Controlled Ascent and Safety Stops

Author of Scuba Diving Safety, Dan Orr discusses what you need to know about controlled ascent and safety stops.

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