Field Report 3: Updates from Best Authors in the Field

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Best authors are always on the move.

Here are their updates from the field, bringing you the latest from the world of diving . . .


IdolJennifer whaleShark

Beyond the Journey

What's next for author, adventurer, diver, Jennifer Idol?

In this week's blog article Jennifer shares two questions that she's most frequently asked about her 50 state journey, and shares what's coming next.

As usual, Jennifer's weekly field report is not to be missed! 

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To Illustrate or Photograph?

When author Paul Mila was writing Harry Hawksbill Helps His Friends, he and the Best Publishing Company editorial staff wrestled with one main question: should we use his underwater photographs to tell the story, or retain the services of an illustrator?

Discover how your children's learning will benefit from Paul's decision in this week's blog article. 

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Air bubble blocking blood flow in brain. Image by Dr. Monte Anderson

Decompression in a Hyperbaric Chamber Explained

Dr. Monte Anderson, author of The Choice explains how decompression sickness (DCS) occurs in the human body and how and why decompression treatment in a hyperbaric chamber works. A must-read for all divers. 

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pD4985 Turtle Rock 105

Researching the Use of Rebreathers Under the Ice

John Heine, author of Cold Water Diving: A Guide to Ice Diving, travels to places such as Antarctica to oversee scientific diving through the U.S. Antarctic Program of the National Science Foundation.

In this week's blog article he is researching the use of rebreathers under the ice, as well as various new strategies to stay warm with the use of active (electric) heated undergarments.

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Diving First Aid

Author of Scuba Diving Safety, Dan Orr explains, "The ability to manage a diving emergency and provide care to an injured diver does not come from experience alone. The best thing you cna do to prepare for the dive-related injuries is to learn everything you can about such injuries and the situations that lead to them." 

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