[New Release] Deep Into Deco: The Diver's Decompression Textbook

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We are excited to announce a new book for technical divers - Deep Into Deco: The Deep Into Deco book cover wDiver's Decompression Textbook - and it’s hot off the press!
This new title by Asser Salama, a technical diver and instructor, founder of Tech Diving Mag, and developer of Ultimate Planner decompression planning software, has already gotten a great response from the technical and rebreather diving community and it is available and ready to ship.
One of the reasons we are so fired up about this book is because it covers such an important topic for divers: decompression. In the words of Bret Gilliam, founder of TDI, "[This book will provide you with] the single best education and information on decompression modeling that has yet to be produced. And you will come away from it perhaps a bit mentally exhausted but intellectually informed and ready to make the proper decisions when planning responsible dive exposures. Take a deep breath and dig in."

Our friend and colleague, Joe Dituri, Vice President of IANTD, shared that, "Asser makes even the most difficult topics seem easy and understandable."

Find more information or order your copy here: http://www.bestpub.com/books/scientific-diving/product/406-deep-into-deco-the-diver-s-decompression-textbook.html


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Deep Into Deco is a stimulating read which covers almost every facet of diving from breathing to technical decompression. It is well referenced and dives into (forgive the pun) great detail concerning the past and present of diving theories. I recommend this book for all divers from novice to technical expert because Asser Salama makes even the most difficult topics seem easy and understandable. No diving collection is complete without this super overview book. I will keep mine on the coffee table as a discussion piece." - Commander Joseph Dituri, US Navy Saturation Diving Officer (ret) and Vice President of IANTD

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“This book is long overdue. And it’s worth the wait. What Asser Salama has accomplished with this book is remarkable. He has taken that early history of experimental trial and error and produced a stunning reference text that brings the science into sharp focus." - Bret Gilliam, founder of TDI

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“Asser’s book is the best general overview of decompression modeling I have seen. The information it contains is relevant to divers of all levels, from the occasional sport diver who wants to know more about how their dive computer works to the technical diver planning extended decompression dives. It certainly is a welcome addition to my dive library!" - Jeffrey Bozanic, PhD, author of Mastering Rebreathers 

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