[New eBook] Oxygen and the Brain by Dr. Philip James

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Oxygen and the Brain: The Journey of Our Lifetime
by Philip B. James, MB, ChB, DIH, PhD, FFOM
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Dr. James qualified in medicine from Liverpool Medical School in 1966 and after a fellowship in surgical research he studied industrial medicine in Dundee, Scotland. After Royal Navy training in 1973, he specialized in diving medicine, combining an academic post in the University of Dundee with consultancies to many international diving contractors, including IUC, Oceaneering, Comex, and Ocean Technical Services. 

In 1983, he received the Craig Hoffman Award from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) for diver paramedic training and contributions to diving safety, including a minimum oxygen content in helium, high oxygen partial pressures in diver's emergency supplies, and the use of helium/oxygen mixtures in recompression treatment. Dr. James also holds a US patent for a cabin membrane oxygen enrichment system for commercial aircraft.... Read More



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