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If commercial diving is your business, look no further, we have the books and resources you need. 
We are the trusted authority in diving and undersea publications since 1966. You want information and continuing education relevant to your work, and we have it. 

Commercial Diving Complete Package Set

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Full Package Set is valued at: $310.27   Package Sale Price: $199.99

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Commercial Divers Handbook.cover

The Commercial Diver's Handbook

"If you are a serious diver or dive supervisor you should have this excellent decompression resource on the job. It may save your or another diver's butt." -John Carl Roat, Sr. Supervisor/Diver, Legacy Offshore, LLC

  Reg. $39.99   With Set: $35.99


Commercial Diver Training Manual

Commercial Diver Training Manual

A comprehensive training text that covers the major aspects of commercal diving for divers who plan to work either offshore or as an inland diver.

  Reg.  $52.00   With Set: $36.50


US Navy Diving Manual web

US Navy Diving Manual (CD-ROM)

This manual serves as the internationally recognized standard for allowable exposure while breathing compressed air at varying depths.

  Reg. $22.90   With Set: $11.00


NOAA 5TH web

NOAA Diving Manual 5th Edition

The most comprehensive diving manual on the market today.

  Reg. $129.99   With Set: $97.50

Set of NOAA Dive Tables (includes 1- NOAA Dive Table/Dive Planning Card and 1- NOAA Nitrox 32%/36% No Decompression Dive Table)

  Reg. $5.20 (each)   With Set: Free

Commercial Diving Accident Management (1.5 hour online course)

Dr. Keith Van Meter discusses the utility of immediate, short intervals of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in resuscitative treatment of acute wounds and trauma.

  Reg. $25   With Set: $9.50



Decompression Sickness (1.5 hour online course)

Do you understand DCS? What is it, how does it occur, and what are the treatment options?

  Reg. $25   With Set: $9.50



Mechanisms and Management of Dive Accidents (30 minute online course)

Taught by Nick Bird, MD, MMM and previous Chief Medical Officer for Divers Alert Network, this short course covers the most common triggers of diving fatalities and discusses the annual average diving-associated fatality incidence in the U.S and Canada.

  Reg. $4.99   With Set: Free

Purchase the whole package or buy items a la carte.

Full Package is valued at: $310.27   Package Sale Price: $199.99



Gear for the Job

Intova's line of portable video cameras and accessories are now available from Best Publishing Company! Perfect for recording underwater work, the video camera is compact (2.8 x 3.3 x 2.4 inches), has a diving mode with electronic red filter, can take still shots while recording, and is waterproof to 200 ft / 60 meters.

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Sport HD II rear view with surfer graphic 4x6

Intova Sport HD II Video Camera

Amazing high definition video quality at a fraction of the cost! Waterproof to 200 ft / 60m. Video resolution 1080p HD, video file type is MP4, photo resolution is 12MP and file type is JPEG.


Bar-Pole Mount

Mounts on the rail system of a dive hat. Secure Lok mount, stainless steel adjustment screws and rubber damper. Swivel head allow use in vertical or horizontal position. Fits dive hat up to 1.25 inches diameter.




Video Light/Flashlight - IFL WA Zoom

Waterproof to 400 ft / 122 meters, features a 300 lumen adjustable angle beam from concentrated to wide angle.



Upcoming Events

Join Best Publishing Company at these must-do events this year!


March 28: "Dive Medicine Symposium: What Every Diver Needs to Know." (Secaucus, NJ)

This is a NEW WORKSHOP taking just before the opening of Beneath the Sea Dive Show, 10:00am-3:00pm. Register Today!


April 5: Diving Medicine Conference, (Danbury, CT)

This annual conference is a must-do! The half-day event brings together commercial, military, public safety, and recreational divers, as well as the physicians and medical staff that them. Listen to lectures from industry giants such as Nicholas Bird, MD, Richard Sadler, MD, Bernie Chowdry, CHT and others! Register Today!


April 28-29: In-Water Recompression Controversies: Symposium, Education and Training Event (San Diego, CA)

Hosted by former Navy diver and Vice President of IANTD, Joe Dituri. The mission of the conference and training event is to discuss the merits of in-water recompression. Top diving doctors and practitioners will debate the pros and cons of IWR and discuss training. Hands-on training for In-Water Recompression and Chamber Operations will follow the symposium! Register Now!




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It is a comprehensive training text that covers the major aspects of commercial diving for divers who plan to work either offshore or as an inland diver.