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DEPTH is a series of online articles authored by the world's leading industry experts and medical professionals in the fields of diving, undersea and hyerparbic medicine. As the largest publisher of books on diving, with longevity in the industry since the mid-1960's, Best Publishing Company (BPC) knows and works with some of the foremost experts on diving and undersea medicine. DEPTH grew out of a print magazine that BPC published since 2010 on wound care, diving and hyperbaric medicine. The diving content grew so much in the past year that it has now become it's own entity....DEPTH.

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Just Released Articles


Decompression Illness by Nick Bird, MD, MMM. former Chief Medical Officer and CEO of Divers Alert Network explains decompression illness (DCI) in terms that are easy to understand. This article is for those who desire a basic understanding of decompresion sickness, arterial gas embolism (AGE), and DCI. If you are an educator or dive leader, this article is a perfect tool to use with your open water, advanced open water or rescue diver students. Read More...


In-Water Recompression by Joseph Dituri, MS. This article treats the contentious topic of in-water recompresison. Dituri writes about his personal experience using in-water recompression as a treatment for DCI.  Read the Article...

Listen Now to the Podcast Listen now to the Podcast interview with Joe.

Rosemary-E-Lunn TEKDiveUSA.2014 by Rosemary E. Lunn. We caught up with Rosemary ("Roz) and asked her to give us all the details about the upcoming advanced and technical diving conference coming to North America this May. Read More...


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Recommended Reading

We recommend the following books for more information on decompression illness (DCI), treating dive injuries, rebreather and technical diving, commercial diving, and recreational diving.

D1136 Basic Decompression Theory and Applications Beating-the-Bends
 Assessment of Diving Medical  Basic Decompression Theory and Applicaiton Beating the Bends
Commercial Divers Handbook.cover Mastering Rebreathers NOAA Diving Manual 5TH Edition
The Commercial Divers' Handbook Mastering Rebreathers NOAA Diving Manual, 5th Edition
On-Site-Management-of-Scuba-Diving-and-Boating-Emergencies Women and Pressure  
On-Site Management of Scuba Diving and Boating Emergencies Women and Pressure  

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