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Jayesh B. Shah M.D., Editor

e-Book version

This new and timely study guide is the perfect tool for anyone studying to take any wound certification exam - AAWM, APWCA, CWCN, NAWC, etc. Dr. Jayesh Shah, in partnership with Dr. Paul Sheffield of International ATMO, Dr. Caroline Fife of Intellicure, along with multiple contributing authors, have collaborated to provide the best possible resource to utilize in the studying for these very important examinations.
This comprehensive, all-inclusive study guide includes a full-length sample test (answers included), comprehension questions at the end of each chapter, and an extensive assortment of photos, tables, diagrams, etc. for aiding with learning.

Key chapters include:
Dr. Fife and Dr. Shah's "Wound Bed Preparation and Advanced Technologies for Wound Healing," which discusses techniques used for wound bed preparation and the new technologies for wound healing.

Ellen Heiderich and Dianne Rudolph's "Infection Control" chapter, which covers important concepts for controlling spread of infection through aseptic technique, hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and waste management.

Dr. Fife's chapter of "Flaps and Grafts," which focuses on the principles of wound bed preparation, the principles of primary and secondary healing, and the use of flaps, grafts, and plastic surgical closure.

This book is essential for anyone studying for a wound care exam. Many of the top experts in the field have collaborated to provide the reader/student with the most up-to-date information available on wound care, making this study guide a crucial component in preparing for any wound certification exam.

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