eBook - The Commercial Diver's Handbook: Surface-Supplied Diving, Decompression, and Chamber Operations Field Guide



Hal Lomax


For several generations, the U.S. Navy Diving Manual has been considered the Bible of both military diving and the commercial diving industry, regardless of where in the world these operations were performed. In the past, the U.S. Navy Diver’s Handbook was the go-to source for military and commercial divers when they were in the field and did not wish to carry the complete manual with them. The last official printing of the handbook was in 1994, and there has been a desperate requirement for a handbook for the commercial diver ever since.

The Commercial Diver’s Handbook fills that requirement and more, presenting the three most commonly used decompression tables world-wide, as well as the latest tables for the treatment of pressure-related illness and injury. In addition, an updated diving medicine section is presented; a section on enriched air (Nitrox); and the Canadian Navy surface mixed gas tables as well. The technical editing was provided by CPO1 Charles Trombley, Canadian Navy, formerly of Canada’s Experimental Diving Unit, and currently Chief Diver, Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic. This handbook will prove to be a valuable tool in every commercial diver and diving supervisor’s pocket, no matter where in the world they find themselves working.

Book Review

"The Commercial Diver's Handbook is a great resource for the working diver. Hard packed with vital information for dive planning and essential for continuing review to keep supervisors sharp. Reviewing the content it is evident of the authors experience and knowledge within this industry recognizing the lack of such a publication. The Commercial Diver's Handbook will provide the diver with tools to make good decisions small enough to have on hand on site and while in transit for review and planning purposes. The worth of a handbook can only be judged by how usable and necessary the information contained within. I could see this Handbook as the diver's new best friend. I can only say Hal you have done an outstanding job pushing to compile such an important book for the dive side."
Charles Trombley

About the Reviewer. Charley Trombley is the Chief Diver, Fleet Diving Unit, Canadian Navy, and the technical editor for the Handbook. Charley is well known by Navy divers world wide, and diving contractors in Canada, and is the main man responsible for both the fine-tuning and manned testing of the DCIEM Diving tables, reckoned by most in the industry to be the safest decompression tables available to divers today.

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