Hyperbaric Nursing and Wound Care - PDF Version on USB Flashdrive




PDF on USB Flashdrive
March 2011
Valerie Larson Lohr
Helen Norvell, Laura Josefsen, and Jim Wilcox

This title is an essential part of any wound care or hyperbaric professional's library. The up-to-date research and information will ensure that the reader is current on all aspects of nursing in the field of hyperbarics and wound care.

Hyperbaric Nursing and Wound Care contains chapters devoted to evidence-based practice, performance improvement, methodologies to aid in the improvement of care, research, and much more, rendering it an essential resource for the nurse to examine why a practice occurs. This book provides a foundation for the nurse to critically evaluate research in the field, and examine what is clinically significant. Additionally, the text incorporates the expertise of leading practitioners in the field, sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Conveniently packaged as a secure copy PDF on USB flashdrive, take this eBook with you anywhere. No internet connection is required and no installation of software. Read this eBook on any device that has a USB port. Windows and Mac compatible.

A few key chapters of this text include:

- Dr. Patrick Kimbrell's "Essentials of Wound Care" chapter, which discusses his approach from a consistent methodology for wound evaluation, enabling the production of shortened healing times.

- Dr. Craig Broussard's "Hyperbaric Oxygen and the Diabetic Lower Extremity Wounds" chapter, which critically examines the management of the diabetic patient and expert nursing practices.

- Dr. Robert Warriner's "Physiology of Hyperbaric Treatment" chapter, which provides a detailed and understandable discussion of this critical aspect of HBO.

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