eBook - US Navy Diving Manual Revision 6



Naval Sea Systems Command, Supervisor of Diving

From the Foreword: "Revision 6 represents the largest change to diving procedures since 1956..."
The 6th Revision to diving procedures serves as the internationally recognized standard for allowable exposure while breathing compressed air at varying depths.

This new Revision 6 of the United States Navy Diving Manual, released April 2008, represents the culmination of research and empirical validation of the air diving tables contained herein. Included is the Thalmann Algorithm as the basis of a new Air Table. In addition to Thalmann, the efforts of two individuals stand above all others in analyzing and meticulously documenting the end product for this most comprehensive revision to the U.S. Navy Diving Manual in fifty years. Those individuals are Dr. Edward T. Flynn, Captain, MC, USN (Ret.) Office of the Supervisor of Salvage & Diving and Dr. Wayne A. Gerth, Ph.D., of the Naval Experimental Diving Unit.

Future Navy and civilian divers as yet unborn owe these men a debt of gratitude for the inherently safer diving that will result from their untiring labor and razor sharp intellect.

This US Navy Diving Manual is available on CD ROM. It can be viewed on a PC or Mac, or printed directly from the CD in color or black and white. It is designed for your convenience and portability.

Published by Direction of Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, and produced on CD ROM by Best Publishing Company
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Table of Contents Volume 1: Diving Principles and Policies Volume 2: Air Diving Operations Volume 3: Mixed-Gas Surface Supplied Diving Operations Volume 4: Closed-Circuit and Semiclosed-Circuit Diving Operations Volume 5: Diving Medicine and Recompression Chamber Operations


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