Consolidated Nitrox Dive Table



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Do you dive a rebreather? Would you like an easy way to plan your dives? Or have a contingency planning tool should your dive computer fail? Then the new Consolidated Partial Pressure Dive Tables (CPDT) may be just what you are looking for!

Consolidated Nitrox Dive Table

The CPDT is designed to be used with mixed gas closed circuit rebreathers that maintain a constant partial pressure of oxygen (set point) throughout the dive. They are an integrated set of nine different dive tables providing information for a range of set points from 0.7 to 1.4 atm plus air dives, all contained on a single double-sided sheet of waterproof plastic designed to fit into any BC, wetsuit, or drysuit pocket.  

The dive tables are based on the U.S. Navy dive tables (2008 revision), and include four primary charts. Three of the charts are the same as those on the USN tables, providing information on repetitive letter groups, surface interval times, and residual nitrogen times. A fourth chart has been added on each side of the tables, which provides equivalent air depths (EADs) for each set point. This allows easy entry into the tables without the need for involved arithmetic.

The tables also help you in other ways. Maximum operating depths (MODs) based on depth-set point combinations that yield a hypoxic mix are highlighted in red. Oxygen clock information for %CNS from the NOAA values and oxygen tolerance units (OTUs) based on the REPEX method is listed as well.

These revolutionary dive tables are available exclusively from Best Publishing Company and affiliated distributors and are 100% waterproof.

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