Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Diving



Baruch Nevo and Stephen Breitstein

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An exciting book that is totally focused on the diver as a person: covering topics such as divers' sensory perception, feelings, mental functioning, suitability for diving, skill level, panic and anxiety, and the influence of hyperbaric pressure. This book is intended to bring together the current amount of knowledge that exists on these topics - the psychology of diving - in an integrated, state-of-the-art review. The authors drew from hundreds of documents on the subject from scientific journals, diving federation periodicals, and military research reports from ten countries, published over a 40-year period.

Dive supervisors can use this book to better estimate the potential for a diver to succeed or fail in a work task. Researchers and scientists can use this book as an information base for further diving research.
(Hardcover: 192 pages)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Some Physical Principles of Diving

Chapter 2: Senses and Perception Underwater

Cahpter 3: The Influence of Hyperbaric Pressure on Cognitive and Psychomotor Skills

Chpater 4: Selection of Divers

Chapter 5: Diving Accidents

Chapter 6: Personality Characteristics of Divers and the Long Term Impact of Diving

Chapter 7: Ergonomics in Diving

Chapter 8: Diving Instruction

Chapter 9: Underwater Habitats

Chapter 10: Social Aspects of Diving

Chapter 11: Psychodynamic Aspects


Book Number D0993

ISBN 0-941332-73-X

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