Wound Care Practice, 2nd Edition (Two Volumes)


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Paul J Sheffield, PhD and Caroline E. Fife, MD, Editors
Paul J Sheffield, PhD and Caroline E. Fife, MD



Chronic wounds are a major cause of patient suffering and a profound financial burden to society. The focus of this long awaited Second Edition is assessment and management of chronic wounds in a Wound Care Practice. Physicians, podiatrists, nurses, enterostomal therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other health care professionals will find in this book the principles of modern, moist, interactive wound care, and the application of advanced therapeutic technologies.

As the complexity of wound management increases, clinicians come to the field from many diverse specialties. This book represents the combined efforts of 65 authors selected from the basic sciences and clinical practice who bring their insights and unique experiences to these two volumes and enhance its value both as an educational text and as an enduring reference. Because of the wealth of knowledge and growth in wound care technology this new Second Edition of the definitive text Wound Care Practice has expanded into two volumes.
(Hardcover: Full-color, 1312 pages, two volumes) - 511 photos, charts, graphs illustrations

FREE PODCAST - Wound Assessment

This one-minute podcast is based on Chapter 3 of Wound Care Practice, 2nd Edition. Chapter 3 covers wound assessment and was written by Dr. Bob Warriner. The cause of wound healing failure is usually multifactorial. In this short podcast we discuss three key components in the initial evaluation of a problem wound. 

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"I highly recommend the book to wound care specialists as well as to those in the broader field of medicine. The subject of wound care is so extensive, it is hard to imagine that even specialists would not fine new insights by reading both volumes cover to cover. Others may find it a most useful reference text. They can rest assured that the material will endure for years to come, because understanding and using thoughtful expert opinion remain key to mastering wound care."
-David A. Wrone, MD, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA, October 2008

"The second edition covers the entire spectrum of wound care and can be used as both a textbook and reference book for all wound care clinicians. I highly recommend to any wound care clinician looking to increase their wound care knowledge. As a reference tool it is an excellent source of new information or it can serve as a refresher on forgotten facets of appropriate care."
--Terry Treadwell, MD, FACS, Editor-Wounds Journal

"Sheffield and Fife's Second Edition of Wound Care Practice really is a veritable Who's Who in modern wound management. This new two-volume edition covers every aspect of standard of care in wound management as well as addressing ethics and legal medicine pertinent to this sub-specialty. This text would be appropriate for the wound management novice as well as the seasoned veteran. The editors have organized and developed the material in a very instinctive sequence beginning with the very basics of wound physiology and biochemistry, then on to wound management of numerous different etiologies. The second volume addresses more wound management basics including nutrition and pain management, as well as more specialized areas relating to wound management in the elderly and the very young. The chapters are well written and the text is nicely illustrated. Students of wound management will find the review questions at the end of each chapter very helpful when preparing for certification exams. Any individual or wound management center looking for a single reference that is comprehensive and concise will find the Second Edition of Wound Care Practice by Drs. Sheffield and Fife very readable and authoritative." -Stephen Rydzak, MD, F.A.C.P, CWS, Medical Director, East Texas Medical Center - Wound Healing Center

"The real positive for this book is that it is a resource that covers every possible aspect of wound healing. The authors also provide review questions at the end of each chapter that are excellent study guides for students. Wound Care Practice, 2nd Edition, is a reference that should be made available to anyone who manages patients with complex wounds.
-David G. Greenhalgh, MD, FACS, Shriners Hospital, Department of Surgery, UC Davis - Wound Repair and Regeneration, May/June 2008

"Chapters are individually and extensively referenced, with review questions at the end of each allowing the reader to clarify their understanding of the topics discussed. This is a highly relevant text for all involved in this field. It should be on the shelf of every wound care and diabetic center, vascular, plastics and general surgery department, hyperbaric medicine unit, family medicine group practice and district nursing service in the world."
-Yvonne Denny, Charge Nurse Manager Margaret Mossop, Vascular Nurse Specialist Pam Mitchell, Wound Care Nurse Specialist Michael Davis, Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Christchurch Hospital
SPUMS Journal March 2008

"This newly revised two-volume edition of Wound Care Practice is a must have for all wound care specialists. In addition, anyone with an interest in the care and management of patients with chronic, complex wounds will find this text a welcome addition to their reference library. The text is easy to read and liberally supported with more than 500 photographs, charts, and graphic illustrations. Students will find the review questions at the end of each chapter very helpful in assessing comprehension and preparing for certification or board examinations."
-ASEM Journal May 2009, James E. Foster, II, M.D., FACS

"Wound Care Practice, 2nd Ed should provide clinical guidance to students, nurses, primary-care physicians, residents, and specialists alike and will set a standard for this generation of wound healers."
-Cornelius M Donohue, DPM
Journal of the American Podiatric Association, 2009

"In all, the second edition of Wound Care Practice takes an already exceptional book and makes it even better. There are enough additions, updates, and modifications to warrant its purchase even if you own the first edition, at least in this reviewer's opinion. It remains a bible of wound care and earns its place on the shelves of any provider who devotes any significant time to the care of wounds."
-Jeffrey E. Janis, M.D.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, 2010


Preface IX, Foreword, Acknowledgments, Dedication, Primary Contributors, Disclaimer

VOLUME ONE --Section 1. The Problem Wound

Chapter 1-Adrianne P. S. Smith Etiology of the Problem Wound     Chapter 2-Gloria A. Chin,Gregory S. Schultz, Robert F. Diegelmann, Nasser Chegini Biochemistry of Wound Healing in Wound Care Practice

--Section 2. Principles of Wound Assessment     Chapter 3-Robert A. Warriner III Wound Assessment     Chapter 4-Clifford J. Buckley, Shirley D. Lee Non-invasive and Invasive Evaluations For Lower Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease

Chapter 5-Duane A. Dietz, Paul J. Sheffield Non-Invasive Wound Assessment Tools     Chapter 6-Robert A. Warriner III Evidence-Based Wound Care     --Section 3. Principles of Wound Management

Chapter 7-Liza Ovington General Principles of Wound Care     Chapter 8-Gregory R. Weir, Frans J. Cronje Ischemia and Hypoxia: The Theraputic Options     Chapter 9-Timothy A. Emhoff, Sherry A. Ferro Wound Debridement

Chapter 10-Donald M. Greer, Jr., James Martin Smith, David L. McCorvey Principles of Surgical Wound Management     Chapter 11-John S. Steinberg, Todd A. Derksen Management of the Problem Post-Operative Wound

Chapter 12-Mellick T. Sykes, Ronald L. Blumoff Arterial Insufficiency Ulcers     Chapter 13- Fernando Boccalandro Chronic Critical Limb Ischemia and Limb Salvage     Chapter 14-Patrick N. Kimbrell, Valerie Larson-Lohr Venous Disease

Chapter 15-Caroline E. Fife Lymphedema: An Epidemic Hidden in Plain Sight     Chapter 16-Khurram H. Khan, Todd A. Derksen, John S. Steinberg Diabetic Foot Wounds     Chapter 17-Caroline E. Fife Pressure Ulcers: Towards a New Understanding of an Old Problem

Chapter 18-Craig L. Broussard Interventions in Managing Pressure Ulcers     Chapter 19-Clyde Ikeda, J. Benjamin Slade, Jr. Thermal Injury     Chapter 20-John J. Feldmeier, Michael J. Crotty, Shelley P. Godley Problem Wounds: The Impact of Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy

Chapter 21-Herbert B. Newton Management of Wounds of the Scalp, Skull and Brain     Chapter 22-Clyde O. Hagood, Jr., Judy R. Wilson Necrotic Wounds Produced by Spider Bites     Chapter 23-Jayesh B. Shah Approach to Commonly Misdiagnosed Wounds and Unusual Leg Ulcers

VOLUME TWO Chapter 24-Charles P. Mouton, Wayne A. Fredrick, Robert Parker Wound Healing in the Geriatric Patient     Chapter 25-Melvin D. Smith Wound Care in Pediatric Patients

Chapter 26-E. George Wolf, Jr. Prevention: The Sixth Phase of Wound Healing     --Section 4. Pain, Infection, & Adjunctive Therapies     Chapter 27-Aimee Dennis-Wauters Nutrition and Hydration     Chapter 28-Charles A. Reasner Glycemic Control in the Patient with Diabetes

Chapter 29-Randall D. Wolcott Bio-film Based Wound Care     Chapter 30-Jack L. Le Frock, Jon T. Mader Skin, Skin Structure, and Muscle Infections     Chapter 31-Jack L. Le Frock Post-Operative Surgical Site Infections, Non-Necrotizing Skin, and Soft Tissue Infections

Chapter 32-Lynda T. Wells Acute and Chronic Pain Management     Chapter 33-Diane L. Krasner Wound Pain Management: A Wound Care Specialists Perspective     Chapter 34-Philomena C. Broussard, Elizabeth Ann Pickett Role of Therapy in Wound Management

Chapter 35-Misty M. Vaughn Physical Therapeutic Modalities in Wound Healing     Chapter 36-Gordon W. Bosker, Javier La Fontaine Orthotics and Prosthetics in Wound Care     Chapter 37-Valerie Larson-Lohr, Cynthia A. Fleck Modern Wound Dressings, Principles, Form and Function

Chapter 38-Caroline E. Fife, Robert A. Warriner Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Applications in Wound Care     Chapter 39-Adrianne P. S. Smith, Thomas M. Bozzuto Advanced Therapeutics: The Biochemistry and Biophysical Basis of Wound Products

--Section 5. Communication and Trust     Chapter 40-Lena L. Soto, Kimberly M. Sheffield Comforting the Patient     Chapter 41-Caroline E. Fife Ethics in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

Chapter 42-Harvey Ferguson, Jr., Nicolyn Garza Harris Legal Aspects of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine     --Section 6. Healthcare Delivery     Chapter 43-Rudy C. Pruneda, Paul J. Sheffield Development of a Comprehensive Wound Care Center

Chapter 44-Peggy Nakayama Coe, Jan J. Clark Infection Control in the Wound Care Setting     Chapter 45-Jeffrey A. Niezgoda Latex Allergy and Advanced Wound Care     Chapter 46-Edna Patricia Rios, Valerie Larson-Lohr Documentation: Telling the Story of Care

Chapter 47-Ronald P. Bangasser, Thomas M. Bozzuto Coding, Charging, Billing and Collecting for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Services: Getting Paid for the Work You Do

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