Preventing Diver Fatalities [Book Set]

Preventing Diver Fatalities [Book Set]
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How can you reduce the likelihood of a dive injury or accident happening to you or your dive buddy? We have three top shelf resources to Diver-in-Distress whelp you prevent diving accidents and be prepared in the event that something happens to you or your buddy.

This special package set is brand new so take advantage of the introductory bonuses 

  • Special [free] bonus article from Dan Orr, Past President of Divers Alert Network and author of Scuba Diving Safety. In his article, Dan Orr discusses the most common triggering events that cause diving fatalities and what you can do to reduce your risk. This article is perfect for individual divers, dive clubs, and dive instructors to share with their students.


Book Set Includes:

  • Assessment of Diving Medical Fitness for Scuba Divers and Instructors
  • On-Site Management of Scuba Diving and Boating Emergencies
  • Bonus! [Free Article] by Dan Orr on Preventing Diver Fatalities

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ABOUT Assessment of Diving Medical Fitness for Scuba Divers and Instructors

A dive instructor is the first person to assess the general health and medical fitness of a prospective diver before he or she enters the water. D1136Whether the diver is a recreational scuba diver, commercial, military or research diver, the same evaluation of physical fitness will apply.

Internationally recognized authors, surgeons and researchers Dr. Peter B. Bennett (Founder and President Emeritus of Divers Alert Network), Dr. Frans J. Cronje (Executive Director Emeritus of DAN Southern Africa), Dr. Ernest S. Campbell (, Dr. Neal Pollock (Research Director, DAN), and Dr. Alessandro Marroni (Founder and President of DAN Europe) collaborated on this book. It provides instructors and divers a clear and concise reference addressing the principles behind the necessary medical considerations and related decisions on diving fitness. It will help instructors and active divers determine when the input from a diving physician is mandatory and how to sensibly screen prospective divers for medical problems.

This book is also an excellent reference for first-time divers and experienced divers who may have medical questions related to their personal health and fitness. It is designed to provide advice in relatively simple non-medical language.

Praise for the Book

"Doctors Bennett, Cronje and Campbell have provided a useful and readable source of reference for medical information related to scuba diving. This book will be of value to individuals who have medical questions relating to their health and compatibility with scuba diving. My compliments to the authors for producing a useful work." --Dr. Drew Richardson, PADI COO

"Finally, a clear concise guide to evaluating a person's fitness to dive. Every dive leader, diver, and prospective diver should own and read this book." --Frank J. Toal, Jr., MAED President CMAS Americas

"These authors are well-respected authorities in diving medicine and they have to be congratulated on putting together a comprehensive reference book of medical fitness, in a language that non-medical people will understand. This 241 page hardback book is a must read for every instructor and should have a place in every dive operator's reference library."--South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society Journal


ABOUT On-Site Management of Scuba Diving and Boating Emergencies

This book was specifically written for the average layman to use as a referrence while evaluating, managing or stabalizing a victim or eventuality On-Site-Management-of-Scuba-Diving-and-Boating-Emergenciesduring a scuba diving or boating emergency. It is presented in an 'easy to understand' format and covers needed equipment, management protocols, and important tips for divers, boaters, and travelers. This single source covers a library of information. A must for all divers and boaters. 

Some bonus features of this book include: a first aid kit checklist, example of an emergency action plan, and examples of various emergency procedures checklists (such as man overboard, injury, fire, vessel taking on water, vessel collision, and more)
(Hardcover: 262 pages)

Praise for the Book

"On Site Management of Scuba Diving and Boating Emergencies is what I was expecting to receive. It will be a good reference to add to my diving equipment." -Arlen Z.

"Must read for all divers. Excellent Text. Will help keep you and your dive buddy safe. If there is a problem you can be prepared. Easy to read for all divers. You need to read this so you can help yourself. Its a long boat ride to shore." -satisfied reader


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