Handbook of Acrylics for Submersibles, Hyperbaric Chambers, and Aquaria




Jerry D. Stachiw

"Handbook of Acrylics for Submersibles, Hyperbaric Chambers, and Aquaria" summarizes the theories, test data, and work experience accumulated over the years in the design, fabrication and operation of acrylic plastic viewports in submersibles, hyperbaric chambers, and aquaria. This fully illustrated, 1,080 page handbook solves current practical engineering problems in the design of the pressure resistant acrylic plastic viewports in the entire pressure range from full vacuum to 20,000 psi (138 Mpa).

This fully documented design handbook is ideally suited for engineers, designers, operators, and inspectors of pressure vessels who need to know and understand the technology of viewport and hyperbaric chamber development. In addition, the safety factors recommended for the design, to preclude catastrophic failure, are covered in a separate section of the ANSI/ASME PVHO-1 Safety Standard.

Materials, fabrication processes, distribution of stresses and strains in standard window shapes, critical pressures, bonding techniques, deterioration of acrylic material, and surface finishes are all discussed for the benefit of the designer. The designer, operator and/or inspector is made aware of how to care for acrylic in service and what may harm or even destroy the usefulness of the acrylic. Using the information presented herein allows the engineer to design, fabricate and test numerous acrylic structures that will be safe, economical and long lasting.

This book is a necessary addition to the libraries of designers, fabricators, users and inspectors. With the information included, a sound engineering appraisal can be made and used for safe designs of acrylic windows and pressure vessels.
(Hardcover: 1080 pages)

"As a designer, I am often at a loss to find a handbook that in clear engineering language presents a solution to my design problems. I have found "The Handbook of Acrylics for Submersibles, Hyperbaric Chambers and Aquaria" by Dr. J D Stachiw to be such a publication. It truly explains in plain language all the criteria affecting the design of acrylic pressure resistant structural components. I use it frequently."
--John A Morreal, Morreal Engineering Company
"I can assure you that this handbook should form an essential part of the library of any persons or entities considering the development and fielding of acrylic windows."
--R. Lawrence Walker,Engineer and Program Manager Naval Oceans Systems Center, 1967-1992

Preface Section 1.0 The Quest for Panoramic Vision Underwater Section 2.0 Introduction to Acrylic Plastic Section 3.0 Sources of Window Design Data Section 4.0 Structural Properties of Monolithic Cast Acrylic Plastic Section 5.0 Acrylic Aquaria Enclosures Section 6.0 Pressure-Resistant Windows Section 7.0 Plane Disc Windows with Flat Bearing Surfaces Section 8.0 Plane Rectangular Windows Section 9.0 Conical Frustum Windows Section 10.0 Plane Disc Windows with Twin Conical Bearing Surfaces Section 11.0 Spherical Sector Windows Section 12.0 Spherical Pressure Hulls Section 13.0 Cylindrical Windows Section 14.0 Illumination of Vessel Interiors Section 15.0 Stress Relieving Processes Section 16.0 Joining Acrylic Components Section 17.0 Effect of Submersion in Water Section 18.0 Crazing Section 19.0 Deterioration of Acrylic in Service Section 20.0 Optical Characteristics Section 21.0 Safety Standards Index

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