Hyperbaric Facility Safety: A Practical Guide




Wilbur T. Workman


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This title is a necessity for the preparedness of every wound care and hyperbaric facility. Recent tragic accidents in the national and international hyperbaric medicine community have focused attention on the need for more comprehensive information on this topic. This book will help to reduce liability in the workplace, and will become an integral part of your on-site reference library.

Hyperbaric facility safety is a complex issue that covers an extremely broad range of topics, including safe engineering design practices, regulatory guidance, training, staffing, maintenance, and operational procedures, among others. This book was written to create a comprehensive document to assist established hyperbaric programs, serve as a safety primer for those developing programs throughout the world, and help cultivate the mindset vital to maintaining a safe environment for staff and patients.

On the recommended reading list for facility certification, the information contained in this book applies to operational and clinical wound care and hyperbaric facilities.
(Hardcover: 754 pages)  

"This book represents an enormous and long overdue effort to create a comprehensive source document that will serve as a safety primer and hyperbaric facility benchmark for established and developing hyperbaric programs in the US and around the world." - Respiratory Care Magazine

"Operating hyperbaric facilities is a hazard in and of itself. The NFPA standard on the subject has help over the past 25 years to reduce the risk from fires immensely. Mr. Workmans new book will be of equal help for users, researchers and manufacturers in reducing the other hazards associated with hyperbaric operations. I thus recommend this book without any hesitation."
Signed, Burton R. Klein, PE Burton Klein Associates Newton, MA (former staff liaison to the NFPA TCC on Health Care Facilities - NFPA 99)


GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Hyperbaric Chamber Types, Considerations for Future, Hyperbaric Chamber Design, Regulations, Development of a Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center Training, Staffing, and Ultilization

HYPERBARIC SYSTEMS Pressurization Systems, Piping Systems, Breathing Gas Systems, Electrical Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Ancillary Support Systems

HYPERBARIC SYSTEM MAINTENANCE How to Establish a Hyperbaric Facility Maintenace Program

FIRE IN THE HYPERBARIC ENVIRONMENT Hyperbaric Chamber Fires: To What Extent is the Problem? Role of Oxygen in Hyperbaric Chamber Fire Safety Static Electricity

HYPERBARIC MISHAP ANALYSIS How Accidents Happen, Hyperbaric Fire Risk Assessments and Failure Analysis, Chamber Accidents: a Morbidity/Mortality Survey of Chamber Accidents Over the Past 75 Years, Hyperbaric Incident Monitoring Study (HIMS), Japans Hyperbaric Mishap Reporting System

A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO HYPERBARIC SAFETY How to Manage Your Hyperbaric Facility Safety Program, Decompression Sickenss in Inside Attendants, Emergency Procedures, Evaluating Equipment and Materials for Use in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Environment: The Clinical Hyperbaric Evaluation and Testing (CHET) Program, Patient Education, How Administration Affects Facility Safety, Hyperbaric Therapy in Remote Locations: What Standards are Acceptable?


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