Basic Decompression Theory and Application, 3rd Edition



Bruce R. Wienke

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3rd Edition of BASIC DECOMPRESSION THEORY AND APPLICATION takes all rudiments of decompression theory and phase mechanics to considerable depth, while focusing on diving applications in a historical perspective. Topics span many disciplines, and the targeted audience is the commercial diver, hyperbaric scientist, doctor, physical scientist, technical diver, and dive instructor.

The intent of the 3rd Edition is to present a working view of decompression in diving, mostly focusing on theory with application, including equations. The discussion is neither a medical nor physiological synthesis. Such aspects are simplified, and for some certainly oversimplified. Nonetheless, it is directed toward the diver and reader with some rudimentary understanding of decompression. Background in the physical or life sciences is helpful but certainly not necessary. Discussed are the mechanics of tissue gas exchange, bubbles and nucleation, supersaturation, perfusion and diffusion. Also included are chapters on "Mixed Gases and Decompression" - "Decompression Tables, Meters and Models" - "Decompression Risks and Statistics." References and numerical examples (with solutions) are included for more detail and extended diver analysis.

The 1st and 2nd Editions of this publication were a sellout in the diving community, and the 3rd Edition is even more detailed, comprehensive, and up-to-date. The author asks that the reader "Have fun with the exercises at the end of each chapter"...
(Hardcover: 322 pages)

Table of Contents:

Gas Fluid and Phase Kinetics

Critical Tensions and Phase Volumes

Altitude Similarity and Procedures

Mixed Gases and Decompression

Decompression Tables, Meters and Models

Comparative Profiles and Operational Diving

Decompression Risks and Statistics

Application, Computing and Decompression Algorithms

Diving Maladies and Drugs

Bubbles and Biosystems

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