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Bob Wick

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This gritty, no-holds-barred book tells the uncensored version of the commercial 'hard hat' divers from San Diego to Alaska's Cook Inlet. Bob Wick's 45 year diving career took him from U.S. Navy SEAL training to abalone diving to oil rig and construction diving. His honest, humorous writing offers the reader a glimpse into his world. A true-life adventure book.
(Hardcover: 240 pages)

"...this book displays the camaraderie of the men who risked their lives for their jobs and dedicated themselves to each other. A worthy tribute to this special fraternity, the men without whom the diving business would not be the same today."
--Sport Diver Magazine

"A, 'Must Read' for those who want to recount similiar memories and for those who think they might want to follow in his undersea foot stepts."
--Pete Petrisky

Book Number D1028

ISBN 0-941332-93-4

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'Reading this made me nostalgic for my Navy days. It was a fun read and an excellent book. A great book for anyone that enjoys great adventures.'
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