eBook - The Simple Guide to Snorkeling Fun, Second Edition



Steven M. Barsky
October 2013
Dan Orr

Best Publishing Company and Florida Atlantic International Corp-(FAIC)best known for the National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM brands, have teamed up to bring you the most comprehensive snorkeling and skin diving program on the market. The full program consists of a textbook and online course. The textbook is available now, and the online course will be debuting Spring 2014 www.snorkelcourse.com

Exploring the underwater world with mask, fins and snorkel is an exciting personal adventure. Snorkeling allows you to unlock the myersteries of the sea, as well as local lakes, rivers, and streams in your own backyard.

Snorkeling will take you to a new world that almost anyone can enjoy, from children to adults. Using snorkeling gear, you can swim with dolphins, explore sunken ships, or capture your own lobsters for dinner.

In The Simple Guide to Snorkeling Fun, Second Edition, you will learn...

  • How to select the best gear for you
  • How to don and use your gear properly
  • How to interact with marine life
  • How to extend your breath-hold time underwater
  • How to get started in spearfishing and underwater hunting
  • Snorkeling hints and secrets that you can use no matter wher you enjoy the water

The Simple Guide to Snorkeling Fun, Second Edition, paired with the online course www.SnorkelingCourse.com,is the perfect tool for those who want to experience the thrill and excitement of the marine world, but aren’t ready for scuba diving.

This book and online course will help new water enthusiasts gain necessary skills and confidence in the water. Its chapters cover all subjects of snorkeling and skin diving, including equipment assembly and care, techniques for skin and scuba diving, breathing through the snorkel, buoyancy, equalizing ears, and fin kicks. Sections on safety and emergency procedures, snorkeling with children, and where to go snorkeling are also included. Upon completion of the online course and the online knowledge assessment, participants will be provided a certificate of completion of the academics and are strongly encouraged to continue in water training with their local Dive Center or Resort.

Technical edits were provided by Dan Orr, past President and CEO of Divers Alert Network.

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